Enjoy the Night

Enjoy the Night is the first Park City Market in Ningbo in 2021 which is located in Yinzhou Park in Yinzhou District, Ningbo.

We reflected on how to use the simplest and most representative elements of the area to design the visuals for this event. When we returned back to the area itself, we came up with the idea of a topography (map), capturing parts of the park area in the map and abstracting them to form the main body of the visuals, with different parts of the map forming various visual forms. We wanted to preserve the summer with the simplest of images: the blue sky and the lake, the green grass, the paths in the white spaces, the arrangement of words like people playing and walking. Let's be as happy together as we can be in the blue sky, lake and meadow.

Design Time: 2021.7 

Creative Director: Yang Ye
Design: Yang Ye
Photography: HERYAR



Room 888, Mingchuang Mansion,
NO.707 South Tiantong Road,
Yinzhou District, Ningbo City,
P.R. China, 315000


Room402-13, Weplus, Seven Area,
No.500 Xiaohe Road,
Gongshu District, Hangzhou City,
P. R. China. 310000


4F-Unit 1, 278 Jin Hu Road.
Shanghai, P. R. China. 200000

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